Former Lanett Mayor Sentenced To 24 Months Probation

Former Lanett Mayor Sentenced To 24 Months Probation

October 27, 2021 Off By Gator

Story by Jodi Stewart

Kyle McCoy, the former Mayor of Lanett received his sentencing Tuesday as Judge Steve Perryman presided at the Chambers County Court House in LaFayette.

McCoy agreed to a plea bargain in late September after being convicted on two ethics charges after officials say he used his office for personal gain.
McCoy’s Sentencing was ……..24 months supervised probation Tuesday in Chambers County District Court.

McCoy was also ordered to pay $14,193.45 in restitution. McCoy’s sentence is technically a five-year concurrent sentence, but he won’t serve any time in jail unless he violates the terms of his probation. McCoy’s attorney Bill Smith spoke to local media after the sentencing.

Attorney General Steve Marshall announced the conviction of former Lanett Mayor Jonathon Kyle McCoy for felony ethics violations in late September after McCoy pleaded guilty at the Chambers County Circuit Court to two charges of using his official position or office for personal gain. As a result of his felony convictions, McCoy was immediately removed from office as mayor and is barred from holding public office in the future.  

Pursuant to a plea agreement, McCoy admitted that he used his position as mayor to provide a City-owned Chevrolet Tahoe to a family member for a period of seven months. McCoy’s family member was not employed with the City of Lanett and had no government purpose in possessing the vehicle. McCoy’s unlawful actions resulted in his personal gain, which included savings on the cost of a replacement vehicle and insurance as well as money for fuel and maintenance. 

 McCoy further admitted to using his position as mayor to avoid paying for City utility services (gas, electric, water, sewage, and garbage) on seven different accounts. Beginning at various times between June 2017 and April 2018, McCoy ceased paying utility bills. By August 2019, McCoy owed more than $41,000 to the City of Lanett. At that time, McCoy directed a City employee to put a hold on these accounts, which resulted in McCoy no longer incurring minimum fees and late charges as well as his accounts being removed from the City’s “cut-off” list. McCoy paid the $41,232.84 balance seven months later in March 2020, but he did not pay any late charges or minimum fees for the period of time his accounts were on hold. Pursuant to the plea agreement, McCoy agreed to pay those unpaid fees and charges, which equal $2,069, as restitution to the City of Lanett.  

McCoy will pay another $12,124 in restitution to the City for money spent on personal items and gifts not related to the city government.

In total, McCoy will pay the City $14,193.45 in restitution.