About Gator Kincaid and Gator Media

After already working in radio for several years in other markets, I moved to the Greater Valley Area in early 2000, when I took a job with WCJM 100.9FM. I was never one for establishing “roots”, but during my first day there, I met my wife, Kelly. Over seventeen years later, here I am…firmly rooted!

I have truly come to love our community and the people who call it home. I care about the future of our area and want to do my part as a representative of the local media to make sure we continue to have coverage of the news that affects us here…where we live, work, worship, send our kids to school, etc.

Kelly and I are very excited, and yes a tad nervous…but we would really like to thank everyone here that has been supporting our decision to start Gator Media LLC. It’s that support that has made us feel confident about the future.

I plan to bring the Greater Chattahoochee Area the latest news, community events, and of course, we’re gonna have some fun along the way.

Gator and Kelly